What is “real”?

chakrasThe dream of the planet, or at least of Western society, believes we know what is “real” by what we can see, hear, taste, touch, smell. Yet what we agree constitutes “reality” is purely a shared dream, an agreement. We believe our physical bodies are “real” because we can see ourselves in the mirror, touch our skin, and feel the sensations of achy muscles or growling tummies. Science has shown us that we are filled with blood, organs, muscle, tissue and bone–we agree we are solid physical structures.

When we embark on the shamanic path, however, we start to realize that the “reality” agreed upon by general society is only capturing a small fragment of the experience of life. As we expand and open awareness, new perceptions come into play that call into question what we think we know. Science is beginning to touch on this truth and reveal what ancient wisdom already knew–we are levels of energetic vibration that manifest different life experience for us, we are projections of light, we are made of the same components as everything else that indwells and comprises this planet (including the “empty” spaces in between). We are inextricably connected with all life on this planet, and we have immediate and vast access to inexhaustible amounts of information that our human brains simply cannot process. And because this vastness overwhelms us, we have been conditioned to filter out everything except what we have been told is important for our attention.

As a student of shamanic energy work, I am learning to re-open the doors in my mind to allow in more of the vast potential already available to my energetic body. Working with clients, I often “see” things as I scan their bodies with my mind’s eye, actual physical eyes closed. One might be tempted to debunk these visions as imagination. But then when the client has a physical/emotional reaction to the energy being removed…what then? In one case, I “saw” a golden metal choker around my client’s throat. I became aware of it in my mind’s eye as I scanned her body, and then set my hands to prying it loose from around her neck and pulling it out of her energetic body. As soon as I removed this “choker” my client gasped. She said she had felt like something was choking her neck and then suddenly she was freed of it and could breathe.

On this path of learning shamanic energy healing, Spirit gently leads me away from the dream of the planet into a new undiscovered world where I must trust the visions that appear in my mind during a healing. I am learning that energetically removing these visionary objects from my client is just as real as pulling a splinter out of her finger.

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