Transformation on a Cellular Level

dnaI knew that energy medicine transformed me in a powerful way–but I never understood how until I heard Bruce Lipton speak about his book The Biology of Belief at the Four Winds Society. Bruce’s presentation covered the evolution of scientific discovery with regards to cells and DNA, revealing how textbook science taught in school is already out of date with discoveries made a decade ago. There was a wealth of information in his presentation that caused a ripple of Aha! moments for me as I listened, astounded.

The most astounding Aha! for me regarded scientific evidence that the DNA blueprint that informs creation of our cells is influenced by the environment in which the cell is being created. If you change the environment, you change the cell that is created. The DNA is only a blueprint—from a single DNA blueprint, countless numbers of actual cells are possible when you change the environment. Consider what a cell might look like when it is created in a stinky sewer versus a clear mountain stream.

Another piece of information that stuck in my awareness is that all of the billions of cells that make up a human being are replaced every six months.

Change the environment in which cells are being created, consistently over six months, and you can become an entirely different person.

The light bulb went off over my head. This is exactly what I have been doing over the last two years! I have been changing the environment in which new Kerri cells are being created—the environment has changed through energy work, nutritional supplements, thought/emotion management, meditation, and exercise. The environment has gotten increasingly healthier because of:

  • Nutritional supplements which have been feeding my brain and making its capacity for self-healing stronger every day.
  • Nutritional supplements which have been feeding the mitochondria in all of my cells, making them healthier, stronger environments in which to breed new cells and increasing my energy levels steadily.
  • Energy work which has shifted unproductive and damaging influences, moving this energy out of me and allowing the introduction of new, more positive energy into me.
  • Energy work and awareness that has allowed me to shift negative thoughts that were harmful to my body, and retrain my brain into healthier, more positive thoughts that promote well-being. Healthier thoughts result in healthier emotions, further promoting overall health in my body and spirit.
  • Meditation that has allowed my brain to spend many more cycles in helpful Alpha and Theta states that promote a sense of safety and well-being, and become aware of when my mind needs to rest from the active Beta state.
  • Exercise that has allowed me to move stagnant energy out of my body through breath and sweat, getting the whole system flowing.

The human brain is a shifty thing indeed, and can often make you doubt the truth even when it is staring you in the face. As I am writing this blog, I am once again in the Aha!  Yes!! I had it right when I wrote my book, “Goodbye SSRIs“. My personal experience informed my book, and now I have the science behind why my personal experience happened.

As the shamans say, “First we experience. Then we understand.”

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