Transformation and The Wobble

weebleA friend that I worked with over twenty years ago wrote me yesterday and congratulated me on how I have successfully turned my world inside out. That reflection from someone who knew me when meant so much to me because when you’re in the middle of the transformation, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees.

In this morning’s meditation, a message came so strongly to me. “Don’t pretend!”  I knew at once what it meant. It meant to stop pretending that I have all the answers. Stop pretending I’ve got it all figured out and can now teach the world how to be healed.

The truth is, I wobble. A lot. I’m like a weeble. The good thing about weebles is that they wobble, but they don’t fall down. Lucky for me!

It seems that many people have this idea that you reach a certain stage in personal transformation where you’ve got it all figured out, and then you just slide into home base long and sweet with no worries. I know I’ve had this belief within myself, and Spirit keeps reminding me again and again that it just plain isn’t true.

What seems to be true from my experience is that we have flashes of brilliant understanding that grow our energy bodies immensely in a short period of time. And then our physical bodies and ego have to catch up with this growth. That “catching up” process can be bumpy and it’s what I affectionately call, The Wobble. There doesn’t seem to be any way to prevent The Wobble from happening. So what’s important is what I do when I wobble.

Here’s my secret tool for dealing with The Wobble: I do my spiritual work.

Here are spiritual practices I do to deal with The Wobble.

  • Gratitude Despacho. One of my favorite practices is a gratitude despacho to thank Spirit for all of the gifts I have been given and to ask for help with The Wobble, however it is manifesting at the current moment. A friend of mine, Rochelle Schieck, has written a lovely description of the despacho that captures the heart of the practice; read it here. You can also experience it with me on the New Moon at the Toltec Center in Austin (find out more).
  • Fire Ceremony.  Fire is a powerful ally of transformation, and I work with this element in a number of different ways. If it is an unconscious belief that has surfaced and caused me to wobble, I write that belief on a strip of paper, blow into the paper how that belief makes me feel, and I burn it to release it. If I am feeling like I need more assistance, perhaps my energy is low or I have a lot of different things causing my wobble, I perform a fire ceremony as I learned it at The Four Winds Society. During this ceremony I offer the fire whatever is causing my wobble, and I receive fire energy in exchange to bolster my reserves and help me power through. You can experience this ceremony with me on the New Moon at the Toltec Center in Austin (find out more).
  • Runes or Tarot. When I need guidance from Spirit to help me out of The Wobble, I often consult the Runes or Tarot cards. It’s amazing to me how the message comes through so clearly from these divination tools. Often, it is simply reassurance that everything is exactly as it should be, and I just need to relax and be patient. (Patience is a recurrent theme to my personal wobble…sigh.)
  • Pendulum. For quick Yes/No answers, I often consult Spirit using my pendulum. The way I think about this is that we are all sentient beings connected in a mass web of consciousness; anything we want to know is accessible to our higher selves. When we are consulting the pendulum, we are accessing this web of consciousness to find the answer we seek. Just be careful how you phrase the questions to be sure you are getting a clear answer, and stay open and unattached to the outcome so you do not influence the answer.
  • Hugs. Sometimes what helps the most is a hug from a friend or loved one. No words. Just a really long hug, heart to heart. I’m lucky my sons Garrett and Tanner are willing to provide hugs to me on the countless occasions I request them.

So the next time you wobble, just remember: it’s so fun to wobble they actually created the Weeble to do it for you! Just kidding, but do remember that it’s normal to wobble, and we all do it as we learn and grow on our path of transformation. We can’t prevent The Wobble, but we can get better at responding to it.

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