The test of shadow and the infinite power of light

image-79Over the last week I have been tested by Spirit to discern whether what I am seeing in front of me is truth, or shadow. There is this energetic force of nature that I call shadow which has the capacity to create illusions that can generate fear, separation, and disillusionment. The shadow distorts our perceptions to fashion disempowering illusions that divert us from our inner knowing, purpose, and belief. As we progress down the spiritual path of enlightenment, the shadow gets increasingly devious and creative in its illusions, tracking the unhealed places within us that are still wounded and then injecting poison to infect our minds and hearts.

Unfortunately, the shadow is a necessary counterpart to the light because it is within in the shadow that the unhealed aspects of ourselves are revealed. The shadow provides the force we must resist as we struggle towards the light.

Sitting a room with empty chairs last Friday night at my first talk for From We To Me…the first course I have created to teach my own wisdom…I found myself facing my shadow. The shadow wanted me to believe that no one wants to learn from me, that what I have to offer doesn’t matter, and that my voice doesn’t count amongst all the other voices that are teaching. So what did I do?

On the spiritual path, every response and action matters in a profound way as these moment-by-moment choices create our lives in collaboration with unseen Universal forces. It was an obstacle in the middle of the path towards what I have felt in my heart is a calling from Spirit. I could have given up, believed what I saw was an empty room, and gone home, abandoning my path and myself.

Instead, I closed my eyes, and felt into my heart. What I felt was absolute conviction that I am on the right path, that I am meant to teach and inspire, and that everything is unfolding exactly as it needs to. What I felt was that the room was actually full, and every single seat was occupied with beings eager to hear what I had to say. There was a thick air of anticipation. So, I opened my eyes, looked at each chair that seemed to be empty, but now I knew was full….and I started talking. I gave my presentation as planned, and it felt good!

In so many aspects of my life right now, the shadow is trying to distort the truth by preying on my unconscious false beliefs. The way I have found to counteract the shadow is to close my eyes to shut out the illusion, tune into my heart’s wisdom, and feel the truth in the light that emanates all the time from Spirit into me. When I feel into this light and into the truth of my essential self, I remember that all is well…no matter what it looks like at this moment.

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