The Power of Intention: Co-Creating with Spirit

intentionCo-creation with Spirit is a daily practice. It is a moment-by-moment mindfulness. It involves awareness of thoughts and feelings, and hundreds of tiny re-directions every day. Co-creation with Spirit requires clear perception of one’s present circumstances, and openness to listening to Spirit for feedback and inspiration on one’s dreams for the future. Being in the flow of the Universe surrounding you is absolutely essential to co-creation, as well as a clear vision of where you want to go and why–your intention for creation is critical. Offering yourself to be of service in the world in pursuit of your vision, and as a result of manifesting your vision, are also key. Like any relationship, working with Spirit is a give and take; you are asking for your vision to be manifested, but what are you willing to offer the Universe in return? Lastly, (and I cannot stress this enough), express plenty of GRATITUDE. Spirit likes to be thanked as much as you do.

Gratitude can sometimes be hard to express because one of the things that happens when you ask Spirit for help in manifesting a vision is that all the obstacles between you and that vision arise for clearing. It’s like I tell my sons, you can play those video games after your homework is done. See Letting Go of That Which No Longer Serves for some recommendations on clearing.

I have many stories of times I have co-created with Spirit. One of the most powerful is from last summer. Signs had been sent my way that perhaps it was time for me to buy a house of my own. I had been living in a rental house, but there was no yard for my dog to play in, and I was not setting down roots. At the beginning of the summer, my landlord emailed that it was almost time to renew my lease, but if I wanted to buy the unit I was living in, I could make an offer. I had not even been thinking about moving, but now my wheels were spinning.

After considering the price for my unit, I decided to see what other options I could afford that would place me in my sons’ school district. My real estate agent showed me some neighborhoods, but nothing felt right to me. Frustrated, I looked online. Somehow I discovered a neighborhood my realtor did not find. The rest of the story is from my upcoming memoir:

It’s perfect with its vintage style clapboard homes—painted blue, yellow, sage, taupe—and white picket fences. It reminds me of where I have lived in New England and California, all at once. I love this neighborhood. I identify several homes and we go looking.

I like these homes a great deal, but I am not in love until I face this adorable blue cottage with a bay window in the front, and peaked roofs on the second level. Stepping into the house, I feel tremendous love surrounding me, hovering in the air like the smell of cookies out of the oven.

For some reason, the upstairs loft in this home is bright and airy, filled with light. It is just like another home, that has exactly the same layout, but the light in this house is different.

I decide to make an offer. Back at home, I gather my children and I tell them the exciting news. I take out my drum and begin drumming to Spirit for help, for guidance in securing this new home. My older son chants along with me as we sing the home’s address, and how we want it to be our new home. We giggle and chant in our excitement, and we are filled with hope!

Just then my realtor calls and says there is already on offer on the table that has gone back and forth for 3 days now. She is sorry that the home will probably not be open for an offer. I tell her not to worry. I know this house is mine. Tell the other realtor my offer will come if the counter offer is not accepted.

I go into my room with my drum. This time, it is a sacred meditation I pursue, a communion with Spirit, seeking guidance for this house that I simply know is my home. I feel it. I journey as I drum, envisioning living in my home, and hosting dinner parties with friends.

At some point in my journey my grandma and grandpa, long deceased, are in my dream. Grandma is exclaiming over how cute the kitchen and pantry are, how excited she is for this new home for me and my children. They hug me goodbye, and just then…magic happens. Outside the back kitchen window I see a Technicolor hummingbird float and hover outside the window, like it is swimming in a rainbow sea, and I exclaim “Wow…..!”

I know this is Spirit because I am not anticipating this experience at all.

When I look up hummingbird in my Animal Spirit guide, I see Spirit has indeed spoken:
“You need to be very flexible with the twists and turns your life will take in the next few days.”

… this home is where my nature will flourish because 45 minutes later the counter offer is rejected, and now the sellers have an opportunity to consider my offer. I make a generous one, and send over a card with my artwork on it. I tell the sellers how much I feel the love in their home, and how I hope they will decide to let me be the new owner. Since the wife is a seamstress, and creative, I think she will be excited to pass the house to another artist. In fact, she is, and the sellers accept my offer within a day. They accept my offer even though it comes with the stipulation that my mortgage will not be approved for 50 days because I must wait to receive a full month of paychecks from my employer for the credit approval.

Spirit is very generous indeed!

In retrospect, I see that Spirit was nudging me towards looking for a new home, and that this is the place I was meant to be. It is a co-creation between Spirit and me…which came first? the chicken or the egg?

More than any physical benefit I receive from co-creation with Spirit, I value my relationship with Spirit. I value the connection I feel in every moment with that force that is greater than me, but of which I am a part. I value all the lessons I have learned by listening to Spirit, and all the support I have received when I have asked for help. I am especially thankful that my intention (pictured above) to step forward into a new consciousness of playfulness, creativity, and happiness has HAPPENED.

Thank you Spirit!!

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