The Cycle of Co-Living with Spirit

snakeeatingself“Eating. This is Nature’s constant. Life depends on eating other life. Think about it! Eating, consuming, digesting. … Nature is engaged in feeding. Eating and being eaten. … Here in this simple fact is an elegant example of the inseparability of life and death. Life itself lives by killing and eating life.”
–Professor Morales from Dance of the Four Winds by Alberto Villoldo and Erik Jendresen

I was talking with a Hindu friend the other night, and he was telling me that in the spiritual philosophy of his training there are three natural processes of life: Create, Sustain, Eliminate. From a shamanic point of view, I witness this truth by observing nature. New life is birthed, sustained into fruition by killing and eating life, and then terminated so that it might feed other life. So I thought I could apply these processes to our own mental and spiritual lives. Here goes!

  1. Create. Our thoughts create our reality because they inform the life energy that permeates and surrounds us with our intentions…conscious or unconscious. Unconscious co-creation means that whatever is manifesting in your life was not something you feel you specifically asked for—it’s just happening to you, and you may feel like a victim to circumstance. Conscious co-creation with Spirit demands that we fully immerse ourselves in the imagination to construct a convincing vision, and sensory/emotional experience, of the idea we want to birth. Many books are written on this subject, including Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza.
  2. Sustain. Our thoughts serve to preserve our current circumstance because, again, they inform the life energy that permeates and surrounds us. Unconscious sustaining occurs when we keep making the same sorts of choices, or thinking the same thoughts, out of habit. Conscious sustaining occurs when we choose to sustain certain aspects of our life with clear intention and plenty of gratitude. Gratitude expressed with an intention serves to magnify the power of that intention, attracting more life force to it.
  3. Eliminate. Here is the stumbling block, in my opinion, of many humans (myself included). Life feeds on life. Therefore, to feed intentions during the Create and Sustain stages, you need….food. The only way to create food is to eliminate stale energy/intention/life that no longer serves the greater whole. It’s my theory that the breakdown in the human system occurs at this phase. Because we are not willing to let go and kill certain aspects of our lives, we cannot create the food to nourish new creation, or sustain productive intentions. Consciously practicing elimination is the answer. Let go of what no longer serves.

Because these topics each merit their own blog post, I will be diving into these three processes of life….starting with Eliminate. Yep. That’s right folks. You have to let go first to make space for something new. Get ready!

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