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“If you have never experienced the power of an energy healing, I strongly urge and invite you to work with Kerri Hummingbird! Up until recently I held some fear when it came to thought of participating in this very unfamiliar and uncomfortable space for myself … all I can say it that is was truly life changing!!

First, it is a beautiful process full of love, grace and heart-opening release. Kerri is brilliant and guides you through the healing ritual in a way that makes you feel safe, vulnerable and ready to explore more for yourself.

Second, if you allow yourself to truly be open to the process, get your head and ego out of the way, the breakthroughs and release you can experience are profound and magnificent! I was blown away at what I still was holding onto and the exquisite release I was able to give myself in letting go of fears around betrayal and anger from incidents in my past.

I felt cleansed, free and extremely light after with what can only be described as a cathartic healing.

I especially invite all you fellow Type-A personalities, “control freaks”, perfectionists, and strong, driven mindsets to give this an open and honest try. For what it can do for you and with you is beyond incredible!

One of the most impactful investments I have made in my own personal growth!”
—-Candy Barone, Business Coach

“My experience with Kerri Hummingbird’s healing session was absolutely over the top.  I never expected to have the emotional release and catharsis that I experienced in my first session with her.  She seemed to know me like a book even though we had never even talked!  She found feelings and emotions that were stuck inside me from a long time ago and helped me to reach those feelings and deal with them.  I am very grateful to her for the amount of effort she displayed – she was so intent on providing me with the best healing experience possible.  I would highly recommend her to anyone considering a healing session.  I still have plenty of work to do and I hope that she will continue to help me heal.”
—-Carrie Garwick

“I met Kerri through an Energy Healing session and had an amazing, inspiring experience. I was blown away by her kindness, excitement, and commitment to the session. I was left feeling centered, cleansed, with a number of new, spot-on insights to process and develop. Kerri helped me hone in on what I need to further explore with my meditation routine. I had a superb experience and highly recommend the experience to anyone interested. Thanks for all you do, Kerri!”
—-Emily Keefer

“Kerri is a powerful healer and a wonderful person. My wife and I have both had session with her, and she’s helped us free up so much energy that’s been bound by fear and anxiety in our bodies (and minds). I feel more connected with my true self, and more loving with everyone in my life. Thank you Kerri!”
—-Alex Murphy, Golden Arm Media

“Recommended by a friend, I saw Kerri for an Illumination Healing Session to help with some emotional house cleaning, if you will. I’ll admit I was a skeptic; I wasn’t sure what I was going to experience during the session or if it was going to have any effect on me at all. Thankfully, Kerri’s presence was warm and welcoming. There was no awkwardness between us and her natural compassion allowed me to be vulnerable and open to the possibilities of the session. What an amazing feeling to be able to let your guard down with a complete stranger and know that you are safe and protected. Kerri has a most wonderful gift! Even if you don’t believe unquestionably, Kerri will surprise you. She will give you a new perspective and will open your eyes to great possibilities. Your session with Kerri will change you; it may not be an immediate change, but a change will occur over time.  You will notice that the message she shares with you resonates a little more loudly and the puzzle pieces of your life fall into place a little more smoothly. The message will become clearer every day and will allow you to make the changes you want in your life. Give yourself the chance to change, to improve your life.  Take a chance with Kerri. You won’t be disappointed.”
—Christina G.B.

“I visited Kerri based on the recommendation of one of my trusted yoga instructors. This was a stretch for me since I am a pretty practical person and I was hesitant to go all in at first. However working with Kerri was extremely easy. She is kind, compassionate, and affirming. The actual illumination process was enlightening (no pun intended). Kerri was so ON POINT in seeing what needs to be healed in me. The actual experience was so powerful and emotional and the aftereffects have been profound. I am excited about the future as I continue to focus on what needs healing in my life and how I can embody these changes. I highly recommend giving it a try if it’s something you are interested in. Set aside your doubts and reluctance and give it a shot!”

“It was wonderful experiencing a shamanic healing with you! I so appreciate your radiant energy, your sincerity, and the power of your lineage. I felt a deep energetic shift, as you guided me through the various stages of the healing process with clarity, power and compassion. I felt supported throughout, then, afterwards, lighter, more spacious and free from the oppression I had been experiencing for many years. As a side benefit, my migraine disappeared!
I’m excited about integrating the freedom and insights that have come out of the healing, and putting into practice the new agreement anchored in the body movement you encouraged me to define, as well as exploring whatever bubbles to the surface over the next few weeks. The soul retrieval/mesa proxy at the end of the healing was very nourishing and helped me understand what I need for the next leg of my journey.
I deeply value the connection we made and feel so encouraged about the future.  Healing has been my intent for the last year, and I feel that the universe led me to you.
Love and gratitude, A.M.

“My first session with Kerri was nothing short of magic. She helped me clear some energy from some very deep wounds of my childhood that had come to the surface in a big way. When we were done, it was like taking a huge, deep breath of fresh air. Kerri is so gifted. I am so grateful for her and her work.”
—Anslee Connell

 “I was referred to Kerri through a mutual friend of ours in hopes of battling some lingering anger and depression issues.  When I first reached out to her, I had just recently lost my younger brother.  His death was very abrupt and unexpected and caused a great deal of self-anger and severe depression.  I scheduled an appointment for an energy healing session with Kerri at her house, where she greeted me with a cleansing essential oil and water mixture.  This was my first time with energy healing and Kerri was extremely supportive and comforting in my time of need.  She first blessed our space, and then guided me through the beginning of the healing by asking me a variety of questions.  I was given a stone of my choice to absorb all of my negative thoughts and emotions.  Once we moved to the table, Kerri began clearing my chakras.  She started at my root chakra and moved all the way up to my crown chakra, releasing all of the stored negative energy along the way.  When she reached my throat chakra, I felt an extreme tightness that had built up through the course of the day.  Using her nurturing spirit and her guided expertise, she fully cleared all of the tension that I was experiencing.  Once she was done with the cleansing, she offered to drum for me.  The drumming was a wonderful way to close the beautiful session we had together. I left Kerri’s house feeling light and lifted, almost euphoric.  I noticed days later that I had a lightness upon me that was not there before.  I would highly recommend Kerri to anyone who is going through a transitional period in their life, looking for support along the way, or someone who would just like to better themselves.  She helped me tremendously.”
–Katie Peery
Kerri was amazing! I am so happy now that I went to her. She was so calming and helpful! I was reluctant at first, and I am happy that I put to the side my doubts and was open to what she could do! Our session was so powerful, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone as I know she can help them!
–Jennifer Futrell

“Wow! I feel so much better after having a session with Kerri.  Of course, I didn’t know that I didn’t feel well to begin with, I just know that I feel better now.  Kerri was very intuitive with what I needed to work on.  Her process seemed to draw out of me what needed healing.  We ended up doing some work on my root chakra which seemed to ache as we put our attention on it.  Her healing process drew that energy out and ache dissipated.  It took more than a few tries, but Kerri stuck with it until it was cleared.  When we were done, she did a reading on me which was very insightful despite learning that there are some things I was just not meant to know in advance. I would recommend a session with Kerri, regardless of what ails you.”
—Keith Powell, Financial Advisor, Austin Divorce Planners

“Kerri Hummingbird’s session was amazing. I arrived for my appointment apprehensive about how things would go. Kerri created a safe and nurturing environment. She explained the structure of the session and was clear in her communication which immediately put my mind at ease that I was going to be guided and cared for in a supportive learning environment. She created a space that held my spirituality and allowed me to safely let down guards and open up for healing and joy. Her energy work is amazing at pushing out “baggage” that is no longer useful and allowing room for new insights and gifts for your psyche and personal growth. After our energy work part of our session, she led me through a discussion and closing which was a perfect way to complete this circle of healing work. I would recommend Kerri to the client that is open minded and open hearted to allowing a physic cleanse and a breathing in of goodness and joy for the present and future. It was a wonderful experience!”
—Holly Melear

“Kerri is a powerful agent of change, and that power is afflictive. She helped me with my New Year’s resolution by helping me shape my thoughts and my world. A session with her will open doors that you didn’t know were doors. What I mean is, she created a clearing for a new way of being for me. She helped me to create something for myself which I did not see as possible. If you want to create something new, let Kerri help!”
—Kyle Sorahan

“During a recent major life transition, it was suggested that I try an energy session to improve my clarity and get committed to the way ahead. While I was somewhat apprehensive about opening up about my fears and concerns, Kerri allowed me to ease into the session and listened intently as I described where I’d been and where I thought I was headed. Over the course of the 90-minute session, Kerri helped me not only voice my concerns, but helped me get to the root of the discomfort. I left the session feeling lighter, more committed, and energized. It was exactly what I needed to get focused on the way ahead. I highly recommend this form of energy healing!”
–Lara F.

“Today I had my first session with Kerri. I came with a feeling of being overwhelmed professionally and emotionally. I was panicked and confused. An hour later, here I am writing this testimonial knowing that I have time to do this right here, right now. I have a sense of calm, peacefulness and confidence that haven’t been experiencing for a long time. My energy went from scattered to efficient and powerful.  Kerri’s approach look very different than anything that have experienced in the past, but the shift I can feel is really amazing. Be open minded, go with the flow, enjoy the experience. It is definitely worth it. Thank you Kerri.”
—Fabienne Slama – Life purpose Coach – Pathtoperfectself.com

“I attended Kerri’s New Moon Despacho just a few days after a challenging situation where I felt I was at a fork in the road, choosing between ego, scarcity & struggle, vs a higher path. Within 3 days after Despacho, I was able to fully release the old pattern and refocus my energy on creating win-win situations in several areas of my life. Weeks later I am still in a space of miracles, which I would not have been able to access, had I not cleared my old patterns and surrendered. Truly powerful healing work!”
–Lisa Talev

“I was drawn to Kerri’s Illumination practice because it is a form of Energy Medicine that integrates ancient Indigenous American practices with modern science.  It was like nothing I had experienced before.  After one session, I was able to bring some core perspectives held from childhood into focus in a way that other modalities had not.  I am looking forward to further investigating the work of Illumination.”
—Tom Hemenway

“Today I traded services with Kerri Lawnsby, an energetic healer. During what she called my “elimination” session, instead of trying to completely eliminate the story I’ve been telling myself, I accepted that it was an experience I was supposed to have. When I told myself this, I noticed a shift. In the words of George Costanza, ‘it moved.'”
—Wendy Nolin, Change Agent Careers, “Your Inner 5-year Old Is Sabotaging Your Career” blog post

“I went to my energy clearing wanting to address my allergies, but instead I got a five-year numbness in my leg removed and within one day I rid my life of a relationship that was less than extraordinary. Three days later and I’m already breathing more easily. Everyone needs to see Kerri!”
—Brian Erickson with Green Sky Coaching

“I just had a session with Kerri, and I just have to say…WOW. She is a very skilled healer and truly has a very special, and strong passion for the gift of what she does. I would, and will recommend her services to any and all that are open to the experience.”
—Lauretta Abell Lawrence

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