Sustaining – Eliminating and Creating in Every Moment

presentmomentThe last blog entry for the series on The Cycle of Co-Living with Spirit is the art of sustaining your intentions. Sustaining your intentions demands that you stay present in the current moment, with clear perception, and take right action to either eliminate what no longer serves, or create afresh an intention you want to continue feeding.

Sustaining your intentions demands absolute honesty with yourself. It is conscious living. It is seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, feeling the present moment and having a very clear perception about your experience of it. It is being in your body and collecting the body’s wisdom about how your present moment is affecting you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It is allowing yourself to see your present experience from the airborne wings of the eagle, from the larger perspective that clearly shows whether the configuration of the current moment serves your long-term intentions, or whether you are engaged in distraction that is only serving to derail you and delay fruition of your heart’s desires.

Experiencing the current moment for what it is, not what you want it to be, is the path to clear perception. Clear perception is the path to discernment. Discernment is the only way to know whether something in your life needs to be eliminated or renewed.

Path of Elimination

When identifying that which no longer serves, the process of coming to truth usually begins with my body. For example, I notice that I have an “icky” or “stuck” feeling when a situation arises. When I explore that feeling, I can identify the current root cause. Soaring higher with the eagle, I can see the other times in my past that this icky feeling has surfaced from the same type of cause…the repeating pattern is identified. Diving into the shadow of that pattern, allowing the feelings to arise and sitting with those feelings in meditation, I can identify the unconscious messages I am sending myself that are causing the unrest in my body. I am silent and I allow the thoughts to surface and be witnessed. Now I can choose to eliminate this icky feeling with energetic work (like burning the words in fire), or having a conversation with the person involved to see if a new way of interacting can be attempted.

If there is a puzzle piece you are trying to force into the work of art that is your life…stop and ask yourself Why? Do not be afraid to look closer and see the shadow stretching out behind the light. The shadow contains wisdom about the mysteries of life. Look closer and deeper into the inky blackness and you will find your way to the big bright light you have been seeking.

Path of Renewal

The path to renewal requires a similar awareness of the experience of your body. You may notice you feel good, or energetic, or happy. Can you pinpoint the source of your joy? If so, expressing gratitude for the source of your happiness will attract more of that experience to you. If not, expressing gratitude for the feelings in your body will attract more experiences that give you that feeling. Gratitude is the key to renewing intentions, to giving juice to the things you are co-creating with Spirit. Simply speaking “Thank you for…” is a good start, and can be expanded upon with meditation where you hold the feelings in your body, and visualize the source of your happiness, and express gratitude with your heart and mind.


Sustaining your intentions, bringing them to fruition by co-creating with Spirit, demands that you take personal responsibility for your life. It demands that you maintain awareness in the present moment. It demands that you face your own truth in each obstacle, and make the choice to eliminate or renew relationships, agreements, behaviors, and ideas. It demands that you see you are the master of your life, and the only one who can co-create with Spirit to make it the life you really want.

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