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I had my first encounter with death when I was sixteen and my grandfather died. He lived in midwest Texas, in a little town called Kermit. We usually visited my grandparents once a year from our home in New England. At our previous visit almost a year prior, my mother had this portentous feeling like it was the last time she would see her father, and she was right. When she received the call from my grandma, she already knew what had happened. By the time we arrived in Kermit, grandpa had been at the mortuary a few days.

I remember feeling so sad that my grandpa was no longer alive, that I would never see him again, or have him tease me about my crazy curly red mass of hair. I was standing in the bathroom where he died, looking into the mirror and telling him, “I miss you so much grandpa. I’m so sad that you’re not here anymore.” I was crying and feeling an overwhelming sadness.

Then suddenly, I smelled a sicky sweet scent I never had encountered before (but the next day I smelled that same scent at the funeral home). The smell was followed by a sensation of being wrapped head to toe in a warm tingly blanket of love. I knew it was my grandpa surrounding me with his love and essence, communicating from the unseen world that all was well…that he was still there with me. That moment changed everything for me. Never again have I been afraid of death because I glimpsed the truth through this profound experience that the physical body is just a temporary housing for something far, far greater: our soul.

Now that I work with the spiritual world as part of my life’s purpose path, I realize that this early experience opened my perceptions in a meaningful and pertinent way so that, eventually, I could be doing exactly what I am doing now. Because I am aware of the ancestors surrounding us in the invisible space, I am able to be of great service to perform healings for souls in transition, or to comfort the living with connection to the beyond.

I enjoy sharing what I know with others about our energy bodies (or souls), and how to prepare in a conscious way for death.

Next opportunity to learn: Conscious Death and Dying, Sunday May 10 from 1-5pm

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