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candleA theme has arisen in my life this week, a theme about trust—trusting myself, trusting my evolution, trusting that my light is necessary as a tiny element of some cosmic composition.

For most of this year as I have studied and grown my shamanic healing practices learned from the Four Winds, I have sequestered myself in spiritual communities and surrounded myself with other students on the path. Over the last few weeks, Spirit has gently nudged me out of my cocoon saying, “It is time to spread your wings.” The synchronicities were undeniable, and so I followed the bread crumbs.

After overcoming inner resistance, I landed at several business networking meetings where people from all industries collaborate to support each other with referrals. It is an excellent idea for businesses people understand: like lawyer, banker, mortgage broker, and so on. There are even masseuses and acupuncturists participating in these meetings. But a shamanic practitioner? Not until Siwarkinte entered the room. <grin>

Before I started down my path of transformation, before I touched my authentic soul self…bringing anything other than an ordinary business to a meeting such as this would have thrown me into a torrent of negative self talk, self-consciousness, insecurity, and self-defeating behavior and thinking. I mean, if they don’t understand my services, if they don’t want to try it, if they don’t agree with my vision…then I must be wrong…right? Maybe I’m just crazy. Maybe no one will want to work with me.

But here is where a relationship with my soul has come in extremely handy. I trust myself. I know what I have experienced in my body, mind, and soul as the most absolutely amazing transformation over the last two years. No other person on this planet has to share my vision for me to know that what I have experienced is true. And what I have experienced doesn’t have to be true for anyone else, except me. I accept that I am a light that shines, that I carry a message of hope and inspiration, and that not everyone I meet will hear that message and understand it. I accept that I do not see the master plan: I have no vision of the grand scheme by which Spirit sent me to these business meetings to shine my light.

Once again, however, by following Spirit I have new experience that has added to my wisdom. At the third meeting, I realized that none of what was happening was about me at all; it wasn’t about gaining validation or acceptance, or even building a new career for myself. It was about being the messenger, shining the light, and introducing a new perspective. After relaxing into this awareness, I communicated a message so clearly that I finished to applause. I let go of any lingering doubt, I released expectations for personal gain, and I simply shined the light that I carry into this world.

One of the building blocks of my transformation around seeking validation from others (which we are all trained to do), is the wisdom from Don Miguel Ruiz that each of us is starring in our own dream of life, or own motion picture, where we are the leading man or woman, and everyone else is interchangeable. Realizing the complexity of perception and knowledge and how it is interweaved into our brains and belief systems–it is a miracle if two people ever truly understand one another. Therefore, seeking validation from others is self-destruction: it is simply not truly possible.

The only other choice is to validate yourself. Trust yourself. Know your experience in your heart and mind as your truth.

Shine your own light into the world: even if there is total darkness around you; even if there are a million lights shining already.


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