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I personally know each and every one of these people, and vouch for their excellence. Give yourself the gift of success…invest in YOUR future!

Step Into a Fulfilling Career

Do you feel unhappy/dissatisfied/unfulfilled at work? Have you been passed over for a promotion, or have been told you are too valuable where you are? Have friends & family been telling you you’d be good at {insert occupation here} but you don’t know how your skills will transfer to the role? Do you feel like you’re in the career spin cycle and just don’t know where, how, or why to stop?

wendynolinlogoSee Wendy Nolin with Change Agent Careers. Wendy helped me step fully into my new career path, and gave me the motivation to believe in myself, see the challenge before me accurately, and plan the steps necessary for success. Now witness the beautiful synergy of my launch into a career that fills me with purpose and deep satisfaction. Can’t thank Wendy enough!

The most popular package Wendy offers is Career Exploration. Career Exploration is designed simply to help you narrow down the multitude of choices and decide on a viable career direction, allowing you to make the right career decision for the right reasons.

If you want to STOP the career spin cycle, Career Exploration is for you. This package Includes: six 50-minute coaching sessions on career option analysis, occupational selection guidance, and facilitated decision-making on the final career selection. Includes administration and interpretation of DISC™, Values, and SkillScan assessments. $1995 (6 sessions)

End Emotional Eating

Do you overeat when stressed? Do you find your best efforts at healthy living hijacked by junk food cravings or uncontrollable portions? Are you moody, irritable or unsatisfied when only eating healthy food? Have all your efforts at healthy habits been sabotaged by emotional eating, binges or low self-esteem? If you want to love living in your body –and lose weight with more grace and ease, see…

lisatalevLisa Talev with Inspired Wellness, Inc. Lisa is a Certified Holistic Health Coach who specializes in breaking patterns of emotional eating and self-sabotage. Her unique approach will give you to a deeper understanding of what truly fulfills you, and how to clear away the limiting beliefs that have always gotten in your way.

Her nurturing and highly customized approach leads you to healthy habits that make you feel your best,  vs. standard weight loss programs that leave you hungry, tired and deprived.  In addition to wellness coaching, Lisa is a Licensed Massage Therapist who integrates hot stones and aromatherapy into every session.

6 Weeks to Mindful Eating ($500):  Lisa’s most popular introductory program guides you weekly for six weeks through the fundamental shifts required to permanently change your relationship with food and your body.  As a special gift to Siwarkinte clients, this package includes one 90-minute massage, complete with Hot Stones and Aromatherapy.  (Value:  $105, yours FREE when you sign up here.)

6 Weeks to Mindful Eating Includes:

  • Breaking the cycle of food addiction: physiological and psychological aspects.
  • Know Thyself:  You don’t need to control yourself when you know and accept yourself fully. How to love your way to a thinner you, vs. thinking you need to be thinner to “earn” love.
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder:  How to structure an exercise program that suits you.
  • Deconstructing Cravings:  Everything we crave, we crave for how it makes us feel. Learn why you crave the junk—and what to replace it with to feel even more satisfied.
  • Eat for Energy:  Once you discover how different types of foods affect you, you can start choosing foods based on how you want to feel, vs. giving into cravings.
  • The Importance of Ritual:  part of the primal strength of a bad habit is that it’s a ritual. Humans crave daily rituals and rewards for hard work. Learn how to craft beautiful pampering rituals that keep you feeling energized and grounded.

Jump Start Your Business

Sales slumping? Or is your business brand new and you need some direction? How do you take your idea/product/services to market and get noticed? There are so many marketing strategies out there. How do you know which strategy is going to work for your business?

email-signSee Jessica Scanlon with Hot Dog Marketing, a full service marketing and communications firm serving the Central Texas area that provides consulting, graphic design and managed marketing services for small businesses. Jessica Scanlon, the principal at Hot Dog Marketing, has over a decade of helping businesses build a professional brand, execute flawless customer service, and marketing successfully using online and print media.

Jessica is offering a one or two step consultation package to help jump start your business:

Step 1: Brand Audit
I personally hired Jessica to help me with Siwarkinte, and in two hours she walked met through a soup-to-nuts review of marketing that inspired me, gave me direction, and helped me step forward with my business. For $199, I feel I really got my money’s worth along with a fresh perspective on my business. Jessica will review your current business model, your social media, internet and email marketing programs, and look over your messaging versus your target audience and see if there’s anything you’re missing from your current program. Highly recommend!

Step 2: Strategy Plan
For $499, you get a two hour brand audit and a fully loaded report with a wide range of new ideas and strategies to grow your business over the next 3-12 months. You’ll be surprised how much you can do yourself! If your sales are struggling or if you’re launching a new business for the first time, this is the deal for you! Translate this report directly into your marketing and/or business plan. Use these ideas to launch your own campaigns or ask Jessica to help you!

Get Yourself Adjusted!

All of us have nagging aches and pains that we blame on the daily wear and tear of life, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve had tightness in my neck and shoulders, and a lingering problem with my right lower back/leg that periodically inflames with sciatica pain. I’ve worked on this issue for years using chiropractic and acupuncture and energy work. I’ve made a lot of headway on the problem, navigating my own course through it. Recently, however, I’ve begun working with Dr. Jason Rogers who is teaching me how to correct my spinal misalignment by changing my habitual body alignments and using traction devices and exercises he has customized just for me…to help return my body to its correct alignment. This is not a maintenance-get-adjusted-forever chiropractic scheme…after only 1 week, I am already noticing shifts in my postural alignment that are making a big difference in my habitual nagging pains.

everybodychiroSee Dr. Jason Rogers with EverybodyChiropractic if you would like to enjoy being in your body again. Using new age technology and techniques, he can get you feeling younger and more healthy in a matter of weeks. By identifying and correcting the source of the problem, not just the symptoms, he has provided relief from headaches, muscle aches, back/neck aches, allergies, knee/hip pain, arthritis, and many other ailments.

Dr. Jason Rogers is offering:

  • Free Consultation—Find out what Chiropractic Biophysics can do for your particular condition and learn the best ways to become your own doctor.
  • 50 Dollar exam—Including x rays, posture analysis, a personalized posture exercise plan (250 dollar value, 80% off).

To find out more please go to In addition, to get the latest free health information relating to chiropractic, nutrition, and fitness, join the Every Body Chiropractic Facebook page or follow him on twitter @EBChiropractic.

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