My magical life

Image from Plowhearth.comThe world has completely changed for me. Or perhaps, I have completely changed and am seeing the world with new eyes that witness the magic in every moment.

I know that only 3 years ago I was so desperately sad, angry, frustrated, and filled with shame and self-loathing that I acted recklessly, hoping that by some miracle my life would end. Sitting here tonight, watching the sunlight on grass blades through the trees, flowers sprouting already on bushes in my garden, that former life seems like an entirely different life than my own—and yet, I experienced that other life in this body.

My body has long forgotten that other life filled with toxic emotions and a brain rampaged by judgements that cut my psyche like knives. My body—mental, emotional, energetic—knows peace at last, and trust, and connection with the Earth and energies that surround us all. It seems an entirely different person indeed who struggled with a mental diagnosis of borderline personality disorder (and the self-inflicted torment that earned that diagnosis).

So how did this transformation occur? A simple recipe really:

  • Shamanic energy healing from a local shaman as well as The Four Winds Society that unchained me energetically from the sources of suffering and restored critical aspects of my essential self to consciousness
  • Awareness, owning my “choice” of how to live, and brain retraining practices from the Toltec path
  • Nutritional supplements that healed the damaged cells and mitochondria in my brain, and helped it heal the physical aspects of the mental disorder
  • Relentless determination to transform any behavior or pattern that was harmful to myself or others
  • Meditation, yoga, exercise
  • Self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, and self-love

I’ve written a small e-book about these aspects of my transformation, and have already completed a memoir that I wrote along the way, step-by-step, as I transformed. The title of the book is “Awakening to Me: One Woman’s Journey to Self-Love”. It was a promise to myself that when I finished the book, I would love myself. It worked. I am currently selecting a publisher to share this story with the world…stay tuned!

In the meantime, I am grateful for my own transformation, for the peace I feel through and through every day, and for the gift of my experience that helps me to help others along their own path of transformation towards a better life. I am truly blessed.


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