Ignite! Fueling Your Business To The Next Level: Full-Day Workshop and Firewalk

igniteDo you feel like growing your company is an uphill struggle? Are you challenged by marketing your business, closing sales, and managing your time? Have you attended numerous workshops, listened to countless webinars, read business books and blogs until bleary-eyed…and still find yourself not achieving the results you desire in your business?

Ignite! is a unique ground-breaking approach that integrates wisdom from both hemispheres of the brain into effective action that achieves results.

  • Left Brain: Business Coach Wendy Nolin delivers clear, strategic, action-oriented wisdom to take your business to the next level. She leverages experience from 20+ years in business, and 5 years of working with entrepreneurs as a career development and business growth expert. (About Wendy Nolin…)
  • Right Brain: Transformation Coach Kerri Lawnsby invites you to turn down the noise in your head, access your intuition, and stoke your inner fire and creativity with experiential exercises that will break down your barriers to success. (About Kerri Lawnsby…)

Ignite! Your Business and Achieve Short Term Massive Action™

This experiential goal-oriented full-day workshop and firewalk is designed to recalibrate your vision, remove personal obstacles, empower you to overcome challenges, and Ignite! your business.

When: 9am to 9pm on Saturday November 8th
Where: Under negotiation
Workshop and Firewalk: $900
Special price until midnight October 17th: $750

savanni Clarify Your Vision
Success starts with a clear vision fueled by personal passion. How do you want your customers to feel after an experience with your company? How do you want to feel when you enter the office, or power up your laptop? Kerri will lead you in an exercise to find or re-ignite the passion for your enterprise—the “why” you got into this business in the first place. When you drive your business from deep inspiration, going to work feels good. Now that you remember your passion, Wendy will guide you to honing a clear vision for your business. What does success for your business look like to you? After writing a clear vision statement, Wendy will help you bring it from theory into reality with an actionable proven 100-day plan for success.

brickwallIdentify Your Blocks
We all have those nagging self doubts, unconscious beliefs, and behavioral patterns that stand in the way of personal success, and when you’re at the helm of a company those blocks prevent success for your business as well. Sometimes what we need is to gain awareness of the story we are telling ourselves about why it’s not working; Kerri will lead the group in an exercise that is powerfully effective at putting the spotlight on the blocks (what is discussed at Ignite!, stays at Ignite!). Once you are aware of the blocks you need to overcome, Wendy will give you actionable ways to overcome these challenges as well as tools for surmounting the Top 3 business blocks: deserving success, time management, and self-discipline.

athleteDeepen Your Commitment
How bad do you want your company to be successful? What level of effort are you willing to devote to building your brand and connecting with customers and employees? When things get uncomfortable, do you press on or give up? Kerri will lead the group in an experiential exercise that reveals your response to challenge, and coaches you to dig deeper, set clear intentions, and raise your energy to the level you need to overcome the obstacle and win. Wendy will guide you through creating an action plan to begin to achieve your 100-Day goals, and own your commitment to achieving them.

PlanForSuccessEmbody Your Agreement and Step Forward
Contracts aren’t just for courtrooms; humans make self-contracts all the time that directly influence our thoughts, emotions, and actions. To move your business forward, you need a new self-contract that nourishes your vision, passion and commitment. Kerri will lead you in an exercise to consciously craft a new self-contract, and then powerfully integrate that message into all aspects of YOU so that it becomes an auto-pilot instruction for your life. With this new self-contract, Wendy will help you revisit your 100-day plan for success to bring it up-to-date with all you’ve learned during the series. Then Wendy will cover the specific, actionable steps you need to take to gain momentum and to take your Vision to Reality.


Walk Across The Fire To Your Success!
At the culmination of this transformative workshop, you will be inspired to walk across 1300 degree hot coals towards your new determined, confident, and empowered self! As the leader of your company, the success of your business depends on your inner fire.

Workshop and Firewalk: $900
Special price until midnight October 17th: $750


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