How do I know what I know?

Often times clients will say they know I am the “real deal” because I know things during the session that they didn’t tell me. There are several traits I have that help me be effective as an energy medicine practitioner.

  • Empathic–I can feel in my body what my client feels in his/her body. I’m like a connoisseur of energy; I can discern the difference between fear energy and ancestral pattern energy and so forth.
  • Strong visual cortex–My third-eye, inner vision, dreaming space is very strong. This allows me to walk around in the client’s subconscious as if it’s a 3D movie.
  • Intuitive–I can hear messages from the person’s higher consciousness or their spirit guides, depending on your spiritual beliefs.
  • Experience–I’ve been through dark places in my life, and found my way out of that twisting maze. I love helping people find their own way out of the darkness and into the sunshine.

Other words for these gifts include clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudience. But please don’t ask me to do parlor tricks! These gifts only work in the context of a healing session when Spirit is flowing through me.


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