Healing the Mind through Energy Medicine

image-246In my lifetime, I’ve been diagnosed starting at 15 as manic depressive, then potentially bi-polar, and then about 7 years ago it was borderline personality disorder. These diagnoses can make you feel like something is wrong with you that needs to be fixed before you can participate in society appropriately. In my journey, I had a lot of chaos, and then four years ago I stepped out of a 20 year relationship and went on my own to figure out what was going on inside of me. Very quickly I ended up in a six-month experiential course called Spirit Paths with shamanic practitioner Gerry Starnes that is designed to help people get into right relationship with themselves. As part of that program I received a healing session from Gerry. In this healing session, Gerry shifted some energy of shame out of my body that I took on due to a traumatic incident from when I was just over one years old (see video). In just one hour, I felt significantly different. This began my journey of healing. Very soon after I started studying energy medicine with the Four Winds Society, and female empowerment with HeatherAsh Amara that included a foundation in The Four Agreements and shamanic energy practices.

During the last four years I have healed my mind using energy medicine and awareness practices, and I believe the following factors significantly affected my progress:

  • Energy medicine. Doing energy medicine as I’ve learned it with the Four Winds Society erases patterns of belief that are causing suffering. It works with the subconscious to remove these beliefs by going in the back door of the mind, rather than working with the conscious mind. Changing the energy body by shifting agreements in the subconscious makes permanent change that moves a person forward step by step. In my case with the mental diagnoses, the mind was filled with “bugs” in the software; therefore it was important to reprogram the mind through the back door from the larger framework that is outside that software system of the mind. Energy medicine is also helpful for removing stagnant toxic emotions from the body that can generate reactive behavior; this emotion might belong to you or someone else.
  • Awareness. Working with The Four Agreements, I have developed cognitive awareness of my patterns of belief. The tools and practices of the Toltecs have allowed me to shift my patterns of belief, taking out critical pieces of the foundation from my early childhood and replacing them with more productive belief structures. Awareness is possible through quieting the mind with meditation so that we can operate at the level of the intuition, rather than the mind.
  • Inner Judge, the Period, and Curiosity. According to the Toltec wisdom, the Inner Judge plays a big role in keeping the suffering going by punishing you again and again and again for the same mistake which generates more toxic emotion in the body. Diffuse the Inner Judge by using the period punctuation and curiosity. The period stops the Inner Judge from running the same story endlessly that generates toxic emotions; put a period on the run-on sentence of judgement. Curiosity opens the door to question why you might be reacting to a stimulus, rather than being in self-judgment. The assumption of curiosity is that we want to do the best job we can do as a human being, and that we are trying different things to find what works best. Curiosity opens potential that we can change the way we think and react and is EMPOWERING. Furthermore, if I am a scientist, I am not attached to the outcome of an experiment, which further opens me to become curious about what will happen if I do it differently.
  • Self-Integration. With the energy medicine, we can heal the inner children that were wounded by traumatic experiences in early childhood that created a sense of not safe, wanted, loved, appreciated, etc. As an adult, we can go back and heal the inner child within us, and this creates a sense of more wholeness of Self. Healing and integrating these aspects of Self increases self-love, acceptance, and self-soothing that leads to resiliency. Resiliency allows us to manage the fluctuations of experience that occur when we interact with others in society.
  • Grounding and Shielding. The emotional roller-coaster experience is big highs and low lows that is driven by the amount of emotional energy running through us; we are electrical conscious energy in a physical body. Electrical systems require a grounding wire for stabilization; humans are the same and benefit from grounding meditations that stabilize you to allow large quantities of emotional energy to run through you without overwhelming the system. Shielding helps you have control over the kind of energy from other people that is allowed to infiltrate your space and affect you. Necessary to cultivating a shield is understanding where your “boundary” is; once you can feel the boundary of your energy body, your mind will then be able to strengthen that boundary.
  • Permission. Every person has a dream of life based on perceptual filters, and every dream is perfectly valid. It’s all true at the same time. Your way of being is not “wrong”. The question is, what life do you want to create for yourself?

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