From We To Me: Emerging Self After Divorce

fireHave you been in a long term relationship that ended in divorce or separation? Are you struggling to figure out what part of that “We” was actually you? Does the experience of dating surprise and confuse you after so many years as part of a couple?

In this seven part workshop for women with Kerri Hummingbird, we begin the process of self-discovery, untangling the agreements and identity created during the We relationship and create a new identity and new agreements with consciousness for the new Me. When you walk across the fire at the culmination of the series, you will be a new woman!

FREE introduction on Sunday March 8, 2015 from 6:00-8:00pm at Toci, 2499 S. Capital of Texas Hwy, Austin Texas.

What’s Included In the Series

This workshop series includes seven sessions (one session every week), six videos, a firewalk at the culmination of the series, the award-winning memoir Awakening to Me by Kerri Hummingbird, as well as a one-hour phone coaching session with Kerri Hummingbird to be used within six months of the class. Also includes a Facebook group for sharing and community support.

Price: $360 for coming full circle
$295 until Sunday March 8, 2015

Session 1: Uncovering the Wounded Story. (date t.b.d.)

What is your wounded story that you keep telling yourself again and again unconsciously? Using a powerful divination tool we will uncover your wounded story and the unconscious agreements that keep you in a state of inertia following the ending of the relationship. Awareness is the first step in the healing process.

Video 1: Processing the Wounded Story

Session 2: Releasing Emotion and Sexual Attachment. (date t.b.d.)

Many ancient cultures believed in one way or another that women hold onto the energetic of their lovers. In this ritual, you will employ the element of water and the cleansing of sea salt to release your lovers into a river, to let go of the heavy emotions and attachments, and to cleanse your aura to return it to a reflection of your divine feminine.

Video 2: Energetically Releasing Stagnation and Regaining Power with Recapitulation

Session 3: Releasing Roles and Cords. (date t.b.d.)

From the first moment we breathe air as a human, we are engaging in relationship with our families and adopting roles and identities that inform opinions of who we are (others’ opinions and our own). These roles and identities keep us locked into a state of being that often is not our authentic self, and is therefore restrictive and limiting. At the end of a long term intimate relationship, it is time to reevaluate the roles and identities we assumed to maintain the health of the relationship. You will invite the element of fire to burn away all roles and identities that no longer serve you, and you will cut the cords that bind you, supported by the power of community.

Video 3: Cutting Cords

Session 4: Receiving Love. (date t.b.d.)

When a significant long term relationship ends, we often find ourselves feeling lonely and thirsting for connection and love. Sometimes this yearning pushes us to enter into new relationships before we are healed, causing even greater distress. In this session you will learn other ways of filling yourself with love, and other ways to connect that are deeply rewarding. Get ready for pampering rituals, massage, touch, deep connection with other women, and lots of hugs.

Video 4: Experiencing Love In Many Forms

Session 5: Listening For Inner Truth and Speaking It. (date t.b.d.)

When we are not in touch with our inner wisdom, it is challenging to truly communicate to our lover how we feel or what our needs are. In this session you will explore ways to get in touch with your inner voice, and you will listen for the underlying needs of your soul that were not fulfilled. What keeps you seeking a love relationship? What makes you uncomfortable about being alone? What makes your heart close in an intimate relationship?

Video 5: Why Gratitude Is Necessary For Release

Session 6: Envisioning A New Life. (date t.b.d.)

From a place of gratitude, you will explore the gifts you received from your past relationship, and the lessons you take forward into your new life. During a drum journey, we will invite a vision of possibilities….what are the potentials for your new life? You will then create a vision board that represents how you want your new life to feel, and what aspects you want to bring into your world.

Video 6: Manifestation

Session 7: Stepping Into Your New Self. (date t.b.d.)

At this final workshop, you will write a new self contract and create a new identity for yourself that reflects your authentic being, and then you will embody this contract and identity using a unique approach of touch and sound. You will learn how to raise your energy to overcome obstacles, you will dance and move to the feeling of your new life, and you will walk across 1300 degree coals towards your future.

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