Do you yearn for more connection, laughter, love, and freedom? Are you open to discovering the power of unseen universal energies that flow through all of life? Do you desire the wisdom of your ancestors and the ancient peoples of Earth to infuse your modern world with profound insights and awareness? Are you craving a tangible experience of your timeless soul? Do you want to feel something real…a direct connection to Source?

I have a dream of creating FIRE TRIBE. In my dreams, FIRE TRIBE is a community devoted to:

  • experiential discovery of soul-level truth
  • leveraging ancient ceremonies and practices to melt away facade and reveal the essential self
  • exploring the subconscious realms
  • unveiling the unseen world that surrounds us
  • taking ownership of our lives
  • stepping out of the roles and beliefs with which we were domesticated
  • dreaming a new world for ourselves of our OWN choosing

In my vision for FIRE TRIBE, there is a community devoted to Operation Wake Up: waking up from our soul slumber to fully take command of our time on this Earth, raise our own vibration, heal ourselves and our ancestors, and pave the way for a new life-affirming outcome for our planet. We playfully journey into the shadows bringing the light of our consciousness to shift the dream of the planet from fear to love. In the eleventh hour of our Earth, the time is now.

We are the change.
We are the dreamers.
We are the tribe that will change the dream of the planet.

About Membership

You found FIRE TRIBE, and if you are interested in being a part of this community, fill out the form below. Whenever we have 20 devoted souls, we will launch monthly private membership firewalks. FIRE TRIBE membership will be $40/month to cover the expenses of producing the firewalk. FIRE TRIBE members will be able to bring guests for $50/event. Largely the monthly firewalking events will be about diving deep in community for personal, communal, and planetary healing. These events will not be publicized, allowing vulnerability and connection among our members.

FIRE TRIBE members come together monthly to set personal and community intent, receive direct guidance from Source, clear energies blocking the flow, raise vibration, and send healing light to our families, communities and world. Every month, FIRE TRIBE members join in community in these ways:

  • Firewalk Workshop: Join 4000 years of human tradition in walking across fire! People from all around the world have walked across hot coals to perform hands-on healing, to heal themselves, and to gain the energy needed to accomplish big challenges. The intention of FIRE TRIBE members is to cultivate a deepening relationship with the consciousness of Fire for continued discovery and personal evolution. There are a few months during the year where we will substitute other powerful experiences for the firewalk due to external weather conditions.
  • Shamanic Journey Meditation: Meet ancestors and spirit guides in the altered state of consciousness outside of time and space that is created by this rhythmic drumming meditation, and receive messages and guidance for your life. Every month you will take a unique journey to work with spirit guides for healing and greater personal awareness, to get answers to personal questions, to learn ways to advance on your soul journey, and to work on world and global issues. Coming together for this practice as a TRIBE raises the vibration in a supportive container for the evolution of each member and our world.
  • Chanting Circle: Learn chants, mantras and songs as part of this experiential breath and meditation practice. Chants and mantras can lift you out of your ego and into your higher self where the ascension purifies your vessel to receive clear communication from the other side of the veil. Sacred utterings give us the boost to achieve our goals, increase prosperity, heal ourselves, and attain a blissful internal state.
  • Private Facebook Group: Share your experiences with a supportive community and grow and expand by witnessing the experiences of others.
  • Monthly Podcast: Join in a monthly podcast that provides guidance to help you navigate the shifting energies in our world.

FIRE TRIBE members will receive special rates on workshops, journeys, and excursions. Additionally, FIRE TRIBE members will receive special offers from our partners.

Be a Founder of FIRE TRIBE

By completing this form you are indicating commitment to being a Founder of FIRE TRIBE. When we have 20 people committed to founding FIRE TRIBE, I’ll reach out to everyone to confirm again before sending an invoice via PayPal for monthly subscriptions.

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