Metamorphosis: A Program for Teen Women

loginbuttonregisterbuttonMetamorphosis is a new program for teenage women designed to help build strong wings to fly into the world with heart-centered guidance. Derived from Warrior Goddess Training by HeatherAsh Amara, Metamorphosis delivers a strong dose of The Four Agreements and The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz, along with energy and mindfulness practices that cultivate personal power. This 8-week series is filled with fun, experiential activities that playfully teach while offering impactful tools and strategies you can use over your lifetime.

Metamorphosis is starting out as a website-based, online experience. I welcome contact from any group of teenage women (13-20) who want to do this class in person.

Week 1: The Matrix and Your Personal Movie

You have been domesticated by your parents, teachers, friends, and society at large to experience a certain dream of life, a movie in which you walk around and talk and take actions. As you are coming into your own consciousness, you might have started realizing how many different dreams of life there are—one movie for every person! This session gets you on the path to understanding about familial, ancestral, and cultural patterns, and how all of this has been passed down to you and is being played out in your personal movie of life. It’s time to start taking ownership of YOUR movie and become the director.

Week 2: Not Taking It Personally & Not Making Assumptions

What are your sources of power? Do you seek power from outside of yourself, such as attention from others that feeds your confidence? In this session we learn about how seeking power from outside of yourself leaves you vulnerable when that power is taken away. We will explore how it feels inside of your body when you are taking something personally, as if someone else’s actions are solely intended to hurt you, and we’ll flip this to understand the dynamic from a different, more empowering direction. We will talk about what it means to make assumptions, how this leads to an energy leak, and how to shore up your thinking to prevent it. And we will experience a practice for creating a grounded container for you to hold and grow your own power.

Week 3: Reigning In The Inner Judge and Watching Your Words

You no longer need your worst critics standing outside of you, because by now you have your own personal Inner Judge that tells you all the time when you’re not at your best. This Inner Judge can be so mean, you might feel victimized by it. We will learn about the Triangle of Disempowerment, and how stepping into any roles on that triangle will steal your personal power: Victim, Rescuer, Persecutor.We will also experience first-hand the effects of negative and positive use of the Word—your integrity with your Words directly affects the quality of your life, and those around you, even if those words are only thoughts.

Week 4: Exposing Your Beliefs and Changing Agreements

What you believe about the world is creating experiences of life that reflect those beliefs. In this session we explore the difference between unconscious beliefs that silently steer the course of your life, and conscious beliefs that you choose from your heart and being. We will talk about how belief systems got formed in your early life, and what you can do to spot the unconscious, unproductive agreements and change them with new, positive self agreements. In this session, we’ll act it out so you can really see your family and personal dynamics from a place of neutral Witness.

Week 5: Stepping Out Of Roles (Child, Good/Bad Girl, Pretender, Girlfriend, etc)

Whenever we adopt a role to make someone else happy, or because we think it somehow gives us power from others, we are out of integrity with the authentic person inside. You might notice the times you are in a role because you feel resentful, or you feel gone from your body, or you feel uncomfortable when things shift and someone sees the real you. In this session you will identify the roles you are playing in your life, and in the larger context of being a woman in our society, and we will explore any judgments you hold about these roles. How can we shift ourselves to be in relationship without being constrained by these roles?

Week 6: Managing Emotions and Strengthening Personal Protection

Emotions can be powerful, and in general as a society we are uncomfortable about expressing emotions. In this session we will explore how emotions are energy; energy that does not flow freely gets trapped in the body and leads to stagnation and eventually causes dis-ease in the body. Methods for releasing emotions without generating further toxicity will be experienced so you can feel the benefits of moving the energy. If you feel overwhelmed by other people’s emotions, it is also possible you are empathic. We will cover practices for shielding yourself from impact by energies external to yourself.

Week 7: Tuning Into Inner Guidance and Cultivating a Strong Container

With all the changes you’re going through, and all the peer pressure to do new things, you might feel lost in a storm at sea with no clear direction. In this session, we will explore ways you can tap into your inner wisdom–yes! You have inner wisdom from your highest self, the self that is ageless and timeless. You will experience methods of finding the answers within whenever you are faced with a new challenge. We will also take a journey to create an inner sanctuary where you can go for nourishment, safety, and love whenever you feel scared, alone, and unappreciated. You can visit this inner sanctuary your entire life.

Week 8: Loving Your Self Forward Through Challenges

Our society tells us that we need love from another person to be ok, and when we don’t have that we might feel like something is wrong with us. In this session you will take everything we’ve learned so far to debunk this false societal construct for yourself, and take back your personal power. We will explore ways to hold yourself through times of being single, how to give and receive love through friendship and community, and how to love yourself through every moment of your life. You will create a vision for the types of relationships you want, and start building the framework of the house of life you want to manifest.

For the Parents

You are brave, wise, and at this moment, probably scared with what feels like complete disintegration of the daughter you once knew. You might have come to the realization that your daughter cannot be locked up like Rapunzel in a tower, and even if she could, you still couldn’t keep her safe from herself. This series includes three parent sessions to nurture you as your daughter goes through Metamorphosis so you can know what to expect and have some tools and strategies for holding yourself during this process. The first session happens simultaneous with the first session of Metamorphosis. The second session happens simultaneous with session 6 so you have tools for dealing with the emotional shifts. The third session happens following the last Metamorphosis session so we can discuss “What now?”


If you have a group of girls ages 13–18 who wants to participate in this program in person, please contact me. In the meantime, we are doing Metamorphosis as an online experience.

Online Only Metamorphosis series: $49
You will receive access to the website and all teachings, exercises, and homework.

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