Essential Oils & Nutritional Supplements

“Shamans discovered the plants that nurture and repair our brain and give us access to the states of ecstasy where we can taste infinity, and heal both body and soul.”  —The Four Winds Society, 2013-2014 Catalog

Is it a dream that you could feel good in your body, think clearly with your mind, and love with an open heart? YES—And it can be your reality as well!

Nutritional Supplements

My latest eBook, “Goodbye SSRIs: How I went off anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medication“, talks about the combined methods I used to quit pharmaceuticals over  2-year period. One of the critical elements of that strategy was taking nutritional supplements to heal my brain. After six months of taking supplements I was finally able to quit anti-depression medication after being on it 13 years!

When looking for supplements, make sure they include these key elements:

  • Cellular Regeneration—To make our body’s cells healthy again, we need to reduce the effects of oxidation and inflammation, reducing free radicals in the body and boosting energy by increasing the production of mitochondria. Inflammation is the root cause of most disease: heart attack, cancer, alzheimer’s, and depression.
  • Fatty Acids and Oils—Your body needs a combination of cardio heart health oils and essential fatty acids to have the power needed to maintain and even heal itself. Omega 3 oils feed our brains and keep our arteries healthy and unblocked; 80% of the brain and 70% of the Myelin sheath around the spine are fatty acids.
  • Vitamins and Minerals—Your body needs a diverse set of vitamins and minerals to keep it running optimally.

Essential Oils

Once I went off pharmaceuticals, I used essential oils to regulate my mood and prevent deep dips and overly high ‘highs’. My go-to oils are Elevation and Citrus Bliss from doTERRA to elevate my mood, and Lavender or Balance to calm and ground myself.

You can order essential oils from my doTERRA website:


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