What Happens During Illumination?

IlluminationWhen you arrive at an Illumination session, we will spend 10-15 minutes discussing the issue or problem you are facing that you would like to transform. Discussion happens slightly differently than it might with a traditional therapist. You will choose one of my kuyas (medicine stones), close your eyes, pull the feeling into your body that you have about this issue, and then blow it into the stone. You will continue to explore this issue with your eyes closed, locating the source of the suffering as it manifests in your awareness, and periodically blowing the issue into the stone.

When we have located the root of the problem, you will move to a massage table and lay down, fully clothed. At this point, I will determine where the life issue is stored in your Luminous Energy Field (LEF). Now we will begin breath work, visualization, and intention to release this blocked energy from your energetic body. I will press different places on the back of your neck to assist you with moving this energy. I may perform extraction services to remove unnecessary energy from your LEF. I may need to take a shamanic journey into your subconscious mind to discover and remove hidden contracts you have made for yourself, or others may have made for you when you were too young to realize these agreements were becoming embedded in the foundation of your psychological being. It may also be time to return to your awareness useful energy that has been unconscious, thereby making it an integral part of your conscious experience of life (sometimes called soul retrieval). At conclusion, I will clean and balance your Luminous Energy Field, giving it a little sunshine kickstart to move you into a new possibility.

After the Illumination, we will assess what it was you discovered during the process, and what new possibility you are stepping into. I will customize homework that will help you make this new possibility a reality.

Some people question whether Illumination is compatible with their spiritual beliefs, so I made this video to answer that question.

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