What Can Illumination Heal?

Luminous Energy FieldIt’s hard to believe we have any kind of body other than physical because we can’t see it or touch it the way we can touch our leg or arm. In fact, many cultures have known for thousands of years that we are made of energy, and that our bodies have several energy centers that fuel and direct that energy. Many cultures call those energy centers “chakras”. Neurologists have begun proving this ancient belief with science—in fact, we have nerve bundles at each of these places where chakras were claimed to be.

Once you understand that we are primarily an energy body, perhaps it is easier to accept that any ailment you are experiencing in your life—whether it be physical, emotional, or mental—is actually an energy issue.

Illumination can work to heal:

  • Relationship issues
  • Weight issues
  • Alcohol or smoking issues
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Recurring physical ailments
  • Life-threatening diseases

How is this possible? Because all of these issues are actually energetic issues—they are simply manifesting as physical, emotional, or mental issues.

“Shamanic medicine upgrades the quality of the information of the luminous energy field (LEF) that surrounds your physical body and instructs your molecules, cells, and genes. The LEF is the software that informs DNA, through the physical hardware of the brain and nervous system… If you change the blueprint, the body changes. When you repair the blueprint, the body heals.”  The Four Winds Society, 2013-2014 Catalog.

Think of your Luminous Energy Field that surrounds your body like it is a fluid computer monitor. Now imagine that life events or emotional/mental issues create a program on that computer screen that captures all of your thoughts and feelings about the life event. Once this program is created, it is like a little beacon, pulsing out a signal that seeks more life events that resemble it. When a new event happens, all the emotion and trauma (even physical ailments) from past stored events comes surging out, and then collapses back into the program to resume pulsing for more events.

The Illumination process is designed to remove that program from your Luminous Energy Field so that it no longer seeks events similar to the past events that have brought you suffering.

In order for the Illumination process to be ultimately successful, your brain needs to be healthy.

“You need a healthy brain to [heal]. The chemicals produced by our ordinary stressful lives — powerful steroids — keep us trapped in a predatory mind-frame fighting for survival, mired in strife and away from ecstasy. And these steroids damage the brain center where learning and memory are processed.
The first task in energy medicine is to repair your brain with Omega-3 rich foods and supplements that reduce inflammation in your body and turn on the Sirt-1 genes that are responsible for longevity and health.”
The Four Winds Society, 2013-2014 Catalog.

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