Illumination Energy Healing

Energy HealingThe primary energy healing I perform is called Illumination, a energy medicine practice I am certified to perform by The Four Winds Light Body School. The Illumination energy healing helps you:

  • Feel lighter and freer
  • Become neutral towards situations or people that used to trigger you
  • Change your beliefs to ones you consciously choose
  • Rewrite the story of your life…you may not believe you ever thought the way you did before.

The Illumination energy healing changes your “programming” at the energy body (or soul or subconscious), and these changes confound the mind’s attempts to keep everything the same.

What happens during an Illumination Energy Healing

During an Illumination energy healing, I disturb and break up the energy in your chakras associated with a repeating pattern or something causing you discomfort or suffering (physical, mental or emotional). We work together to move that energy out of your body using breath work, sound vibration (rattles), visualization, and intention. Often during an Illumination, I receive images and messages about certain truths buried in your subconscious; hearing these messages enables you to come to terms with life events or choices.  (How I know things you didn’t tell me…)

Several different practices may be performed as part of an Illumination energy healing including:

How the Illumination Energy Healing changes your DNA

You have heard about DNA, the double-helix, that resides in our physical bodies. Western science believes is that it is impossible to change the DNA blueprint. However, the Illumination process heals the blueprint that informs all of life—an energetic version of DNA—which is located outside of the physical body. It is known as the Luminous Energy Field (or L.E.F).

When I perform healings for clients, I am healing their Luminous Energy Field of the heavy emotional energies, repeating patterns, and karma that is holding them back from experiencing the fullest life possible. When we heal the blueprint in the Luminous Energy Field, the client can step forward with a new DNA for not only their energy bodies, but their physical bodies as well. Healing the Luminous Energy Field is a powerful way to empower people to manifest inspired lives.

After an Illumination, you may feel lighter, happier, and like things are in a ‘different’ place inside of you.

(What happens during Illumination?)

How long does Energy Healing take and what is the compensation?

Illumination sessions are $250 and last up to 2 hours.
The Evolve package of 3 sessions offers a 10% savings over purchasing Illumination sessions individually. It offers an economical way to pursue extended transformation.



What if I need more help?

Many times our life issues run deep, and require multiple sessions and varied energetic techniques to transform them. Following an Illumination, I offer Transformation Coaching sessions that last 1 hour (in person or over the phone). During a Transformation Coaching session, we will do a variety of activities to energetically release the repeating pattern or life issue—all depending on the nature of the client’s situation.

Find out more about Transformation Coaching.

A sliding scale for healings is available for those with financial restrictions; contact me for details.

Flourish package of Energy Healing services

flourishpackageIf you are ready for intense transformation of your life, the Flourish Package offers everything you need to make dramatic change:

  • 6 Illumination Sessions
  • 6 Transformation Coaching Sessions
  • 2 Private Rituals, designed specifically for you
  • 1 Signed Copy of Awakening To Me

If you are serious about dreaming a new life into being, I recommend completing this package in 3 months.


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