Energetic House Clearing

Energetic House ClearingWhy would you have an Energetic House Clearing done?

If your house is not selling, chances are that negative energy has collected in the property. Even if you can’t feel this energy, people coming into the property can feel it and it turns them away from making an offer. Perhaps there have been many arguments in the space, or maybe you went through  a rough time in the home. It might even be that you are having a hard time letting go emotionally of your beloved house.

There are many reasons why a house is not selling, and I am able to restore balance and positive vibes using the Energetic House Clearing process I am certified to perform by The Four Winds Light Body School. This purification process clears heavy or stagnant energy from a house to help you feel more comfortable in the space. The Energetic House Clearing is perfect for preparing homes for sale. This purification leaves the property feeling light and clear and ready for a new owner.

The Energetic House Clearing does not use burning sage.

Success stories:

  • I worked with a couple who had lived in their house for several decades, and had been trying to sell it for 4 years. The property had gone on and off the market without success. 3 days after I performed an Energetic House Clearing, the house sold for $3.2 million. Reference available upon request.
  • I worked with a couple who had lived in their house for several decades and wanted to downsize. A week after the Energetic House Clearing, the house sold for $1.6 million. Reference available upon request.
  • I cleared a home following the murder of a woman in the house. The next morning following the Energetic House Clearing, the owners were able to rent the house. A year later the owners called me back to do another Energetic House Clearing, and within a week they had received a desirable offer on the house and went into contract. Testimonial below.

When selling a home, the Energetic House Clearing is performed for no initial upfront fee. Upon receiving the desired sales offer for the home within 21 days, the sellers agree to pay Kerri Hummingbird Lawnsby ½% at closing.

For house blessings, the Energetic House Clearing is $395.

The process takes about 2 hours. Client must procure certain supplies in advance of the cleansing, to be disclosed upon booking a service.

Book a house blessing Energetic House Clearing for $395!

Book a home sales Energetic House Clearing for ½% at closing

Testimonials for Energetic House Clearing

“Kerri is amazing. She helped me with a very difficult situation. A traumatic death occurred in our new home. We were unable to move back in after the incident and the feeling in the home was very heavy. I had heard about people have their house’s blessed or an energy type ceremony to change the energy, so I gave her a call. Figured it could not hurt to try. Not only did the energy change after Kerri came, but it helped me begin my healing process from the event. We were working to lease our house after the energy healing was performed. The first person to visit the house rented our house. Not everyone will have a situation this severe, but whatever she did works and can transform the energy in any space. I would recommend her to anyone who may just have trouble leasing or selling their house or is having trouble with their own energy in a difficult situation.”
—Jancy Darling

“I want to thank you so much for the house cleansing. I have to admit, I was slow to take you up on the offer and skeptical that it would make a difference, but I am SO glad I did! The ceremony was powerful and meaningful and I loved it. If nothing else, you helped me focus on my new house, create intentions around what it needs to become a “home,” and develop a greater sense of responsibility towards it. During the cleansing, you created a strong, safe and caring environment that led me to feel confident about your skills and abilities. Not only am I finally enjoying my new home, but some amazing experiences and connections happened as a result. For anyone else who feels something is not right with their home, I highly recommend Kerri’s services!”
—Abigail Lipson Mahnke

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