Discipline Begets Love

stagnant pond“Eet’s DISipline that begets love!”
Ren, Ren and Stimpy

Sometimes I skip my daily rituals because my day demanded an early start to work, or taking the kids to school. Sometimes my rebellious nature emerges and I skip my daily rituals just because I do not feel like it. It is nothing disastrous to miss a ritual here or there, but what I notice, what I feel in my body at some point relatively quickly is feedback in the form of a feeling of stuckness. Cloudiness. Fogginess.

It’s like a pond that has no outlet or inlet, and it hasn’t rained for weeks or months…the pond has no access to clear water to refresh its composition. Our bodies are much the same way. Our bodies are comprised of energy, and sometimes that energy gets stale and needs to be recycled for fresh energy. When that feeling of being stuck arises, it is a sign to me that stale energy is trapped in my body, and it’s time to recycle.

So how do I recycle my energy? I have several daily rituals that move energy within my body, and purge what no longer serves. In the morning, I wake to gentle yoga that stretches out my body and gets my body circulating with prana, Sanskrit for life. I have learned basic Vinyasa and Hatha yoga, and I use whatever movements to my breath feel right to awaken me on any particular day; usually, I cycle through a range of movements and feel like I am flowing after about an hour. I then perform Kundalini Breath of Fire (demonstration) to open my awareness and vitalize the energy in my body; this takes about 10-15 minutes. Many times I am starting yoga while my younger son gets ready for school and eats breakfast, breaking while I drive him to school, and then finishing my yoga practice while my older son prepares for school. It is possible to weave the practice into my day with the requirements of my children and work.

Throughout the day when I feel clogged or anxious, I intentionally breathe deeply with ocean breath several times in a row. Moving prana into my body helps make the energy flow again. It is as if I am floating down a river but have gotten tangled in some debris; breathing deeply a few times helps me to dislodge the debris and flow again.

In the evening, I clean my chakras to remove any stale energy that has clogged the energy centers of my being. It takes a bit of faith and imagination to start this practice, but … be a scientist and conduct an experiment with your body! Be curious and notice…does your body feel different, or more clear, after you clean your chakras?

Typically, I end my day with a cleansing bubble bath. Water is excellent for soothing the body, relaxing the mind, and preparing for bed.

There are many other ways to move stale energy out of your body. Exercise of any form that increases your heart rate and produces perspiration is an excellent way!  Whatever method you choose of clearing your body of stale energy, be disciplined about your daily rituals. The body, mind and spirit love to be nurtured and cared for every day.

Happy clearing!

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