Daring to step outside of time

MomThere are destinies that even your mother cannot protect you from. Your soul chooses the life it will birth, and it chooses the parents that will help to birth the context, the framework of that life within which all necessary lessons will present themselves as synchronicity, obstacles, and opportunities. I chose my mother, I chose my obstacles, and I chose my opportunities.

I learned from my mother the greatest gift that has helped me to shape the path of my life: the gift of stepping outside of time to glimpse a different destiny, the gift of fearless abandon, and the gift of unrelenting determination to manifest that greater vision, that next highest purpose.

A momentum tunnel is the abiding force in each of our lives, the force that keeps us moving in a direction towards a probable future. My mother saw the future that our shared momentum tunnel was creating for me, and she said NO. She fearlessly stepped outside of time, planted her foot firmly, and with all her might pulled her baby out of the momentum tunnel into a new destiny. That one firm and unrelenting decision has forever reshaped the course of my life. That one lesson not only saved me as a child, it taught me how to recognize the trajectory of my own momentum tunnel, firmly and resolutely determine to step outside of time and make a right-hand turn to a different future–to redirect my life to my next highest good.

Shifting the course of our destinies is not easy work. It is gritty, dark, shadowy and heart wrenching. It requires absolute abandon of all we hold dear, of all that comforts us, of everything that keeps us on the trajectory of our life’s momentum. My mother could not protect me from all of this suffering; but I hope she can witness the blossoming that is resulting.

I love you Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

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