Freezing Clouds…

cloudsEphemeral, shifting, morphing
Friends appear sharing a heart between them
They drift and spread and pull apart
Now a bunny appears, white ears stretching
Ears elongate and reveal a serpent
Its skin dissipates into thin air

Kerri Hummingbird, copyright 2013

When I watch clouds, I enjoy the way they continually transform to create new visions. Moment by moment they fluctuate as the tiny water droplets are bounced about by their atmospheric environment. I expect the clouds to be in constant change, relentless motion, and endless varieties of visual manifestations. The continual transformation of clouds is, therefore, a source of joy and delight.

All of life is in a cycle of transformation just like the clouds…only, the changes are slower. Because the changes in my life are slower than the changes I can readily witness in clouds, it’s easy to grow accustomed to the ‘way things are’ in my life, and to become unwilling to allow change to occur. For example, in my life right now a very good friend is moving away to pursue bountiful opportunities and live his life with renewed intention. I am so excited for him; and at the same time, that part of me that resists change is speaking to me about loneliness and loss.

Watching the clouds this afternoon, I am reminded that my world is continually shifting even if the change is not occurring at cloud-speed. Trying to prevent life from transforming would be like trying to freeze the clouds.

Is there a way in which the same joy for watching clouds transmute can inform my attitude towards transformation in my own life? Can I feel joy at the change, and anticipation of what comes next? If I could freeze the clouds just the way I wanted them…would I be happy then? Or is the entire point to enjoy the endless transformation of those tiny droplets in the sky?

Inspired by Melie. Written for my dear friend, Marques.

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