Firewalk Ceremonies

FirewalkWhen I first stood in front of a 10 foot walkway of burning hot coals, I was terrified I was going to burn the heck out of my feet. When I reached the end of the firewalk I felt the most amazing exhilaration I have ever felt in my life—and I’ve gone skydiving! Then my feet began to tingle and I started to feel fear about my feet again: Did I burn them? Am I ok?  At this point I reminded myself of what my mentor, HeatherAsh Amara, told me during the workshop. Fire is energy. I was feeling energy tingling all around my feet. When I breathed deeply and imagined this energy rising through my body, I felt an amazing surge of power inside of me. Then I walked down the hot coal bed again!

“Thank YOU!!! What an incredible, amazing, powerful experience. I continue to witness the magic and miracles ever since! I really appreciate all that you ARE and do. You truly are a Fire Fairy in this world that has so much to share–I bless you for this! I am telling everyone I know about my experience!!”  — Jennifer Finegold

The Firewalk is a complete shift in paradigm

The gift of Firewalk Ceremonies is a complete shift in paradigm. It puts a spotlight on how you act when you encounter an obstacle, like self-doubt and fear. It is a powerful tool of self-awareness that shatters doubts and limitations. I mean, if we can break one of the first agreements we learn as humans—that fire burns—what else are we telling ourselves that just plain isn’t true?

“I was blessed to attend Kerri’s first Warrior Goddess training that included a fire walk.  I have always loved fire and consider myself a bit of a pyro my entire life.  The firewalk is beyond powerful.  Regressed trauma in my life has replicated itself in patterns.  I was able to release a lot of pain and suffering when I attend this event. I have always been an independent, do everything by yourself kind of person.  The energetic support of the Fire Tribe and Kerri as my spiritual mentor during the hardest period of my life helped me get out on top after doing all of the work.  I have now opened my eyes to a spiritual realm, and the possibilities are endless.  My mind shifted from desolation and disillusionment to a field of dreams where I am in the one in charge of my destiny.  We are all the writers of our own story.”  Kim Maleki

“What away to start 2016! My daughter and I bonded! We went to a Firewalk event and walked on 1300 degree hot coals. Thank you Kerri Hummingbird for taking us on this incredible journey it empowered both of us!! All things all possible but You must believe.”

“I feel so blessed to have been able to Firewalk today. Talk about having no limits and no fears. To me, the outcome of stepping up was far greater than not doing so. It’s amazing how I felt pulled to it, something inside me said go. We are so powerful! Our minds are immensely powerful in more ways than most even realize. Our thoughts and beliefs create our reality.”

“I just walked on those coals and I’m not on my way to the ER!! Amazing experience and a hell of a way to start 2016.”

Qualified to lead you across 1300 degree coals in the Firewalk!

I have been certified by HeatherAsh Amara as a Sundoor firewalk instructor; HeatherAsh received the same firewalk instructor training as world-renowned Tony Robbins, and now I have as well! The best part is you get to walk down the firewalk with your friends and colleagues, and walk as many times as you want.

Who should attempt a Firewalk?

Firewalk Ceremonies are perfect for independent business owners, corporate team building, executive strategy, and life challenges. Depending on the needs of your organization, I will create a custom workshop to get your people fired up and focused!

Benefits of the Firewalk

Firewalk Ceremonies offer many benefits, including:

  • Helping you clear out stagnant energy related to self-doubt and fears.
  • Focusing your mind so you can clarify your intentions and goals.
  • Teaching you how to build the internal energy needed to overcome the challenges to success.
  • Shifting your perspective, freeing you to see with fresh eyes and experience life in new ways.
  • Encouraging you to see opportunities rather than obstacles.

During Firewalk Ceremonies, you will learn:

  • An experiential metaphor for how to approach life’s challenges.
  • How to question your beliefs without judgement, opening the door to new exciting possibilities.
  • How unconscious thoughts and emotions influence energy levels and personal success.
  • How to build and maintain the vibrant energy needed to overcome obstacles.

Planning a Firewalk

Firewalk Ceremonies last 4 hours from start to finish once all participants are arrived and checked in.

Empowerment Workshops that do not include the firewalk are 2.5 hours from start to finish once all participants are arrived and checked in. These workshops use other empowerment techniques including the Arrow Break, Spoon Bending, Glass Walk, Board Break, or Rebar Bending.

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