Despacho Intention Ceremonies

Despacho Intention CeremoniesRelease, Forgive, Bless, Manifest

Despacho Intention Ceremonies are perfect for weddings, family reunions, graduations, new babies, new employment, employee team building, and for personal manifestation of life visions. Gathering together to pray is a wonderful way to express gratitude for the many gifts in our lives, celebrate a new beginning, release lingering sadness over a life event, or honor a loved one who has passed. For weddings, Despacho Intention Ceremonies offer a powerful ritual for honoring the pasts that each individual leaves behind as they enter into sacred union together, clearing heavy energy in the family lineages to clear the slate, and creating many blessings for happiness and prosperity as a couple. The Anyni Despacho can help us come into right relationship in our lives, with whatever life challenges we blow into the prayer bundles contained within the Despacho.

What happens during Despacho Intention Ceremonies

During Despacho Intention Ceremonies, participants deepen into quiet personal inquiry with a prayer bundle, or kintu, comprised of several leaves and flower petals. Blowing life challenges into the prayer bundle, participants are encouraged to release any lingering sadness or heavy energy, and forgive self and others for anything that needs forgiveness. This part of the ceremony clears the slate energetically so that new possibilities can arise; in the context of a wedding, this part of the ceremony clears family baggage so that the new couple can step forward into a clean and clear future. In the next phase of the ceremony, participants blow into the prayer bundle all things for which they are grateful, and as the gratitude swells, participants envision a new dream of life for themselves and loved ones. The ceremony closes with a group blessing of all kintus, and a shamanic energy clearing for each participant. Following the ceremony, the Despacho is burned on a sacred fire (privately by the shaman) to release all intentions to the Universe, activating the Law of Attraction.

Pricing for Despacho Intention Ceremonies

Despacho Intention Ceremonies are $250 for up to 10 people. This price includes materials, ceremony, energetic cleansing for each participant, digital photo, and releasing the Despacho on a sacred fire. Additional participants are $25/each. The ceremony lasts approximately 2.5 – 3 hours.
*price is for Austin area
**each Despacho is a unique work of art

Experience Despacho Intention Ceremonies

You can experience Despacho in a group setting. See the Events page for upcoming ceremonies.

Despacho Intention Ceremonies for Pets

When my family dog, Sienna, died of old age, my children and I conducted a Despacho for her. She was my first ‘baby’, and soon followed by the birth of my eldest son. My children knew Sienna was a part of their lives since the day they were born. To help my family release this loved pet, I held a Despacho Ceremony in her honor. We spoke our memories of her, shared laughter and tears, and created a work of art together in her honor.

Despacho Intention Ceremonies for PetsDoggie bones, rawhide (which in life gave her the stinkys), chocolate (which she can have now!), confetti to celebrate her life, silver stars to guide her home. The boys and I remembered her funny butt wiggle when we scratched her back, her tail wagging that whacked us good, and her famous ‘kah kah kah kah’ breathing she would do when impatient. We honored her life as an important member of our family. May she run through fields chasing balls, swim through lakes to her heart’s content, and get that itch scratched every time.

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