Butterfly or Bee?

butterflybeehiveEver since I returned from Peru, the most striking realization I have had upon re-entering life here in the United States is how similar it is to a bee colony.

Like the constant buzzing of bees as they fly and work, I notice that people’s minds have an endless churning of thoughts and worries that also buzzes loudly–so loudly that, in my stillness, I can feel the pulsating energy of this churning sea of worry.

If we sit silently for a moment and witness, we might see how all this churning and buzzing has a similar quality to the way a bee buzzes as it whips past your ear on a hot summer day. Feel for a moment an experience with a bee, buzzing right near your head. How did that feel? Did that feel welcoming, or inviting, or peaceful? Or did it feel somewhat threatening? (Like maybe that bee might sting you if you got in its way.)

All these bees, buzzing relentlessly on action and productivity, and making all that honey. Who eats that honey? Do the bees ever stop and enjoy the honey, relishing the delicious results of their hard labor? I think we know the answer to that for the bee colony, and for our own society. Even ‘playtime’ in our society is often approached with that same buzzing energy…as if there is a goal to be accomplished.

So, consider for a moment, another creature that also performs the function of pollination: the butterfly. She flutters and flows along the breeze, not against it. She drifts seemingly like playing all day, and yet, she does her job–she pollinates the flowers. She quietly and peacefully flows with the wind wherever it takes her, and to me, I feel she must truly enjoy being herself and living each moment of bliss as she flies effortlessly from flower to flower.

Perhaps the inner peace of the butterfly is derived from the fact that she had to struggle through the most amazing transformation. She had to accept her own death as a caterpillar, only to be born again to fly with the winds. She had to let go of every expectation, every worry, every concern: and trust her evolution.

My wish for us all today is that we notice when we are buzzing like bees, and we try, for a moment, to drift in trust like a butterfly. The flowers will be pollinated, but we can choose how we do the work. Enjoy the journey!

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  1. Kerri, this post is so timely for me. Thanks for sharing it.

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