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From We to Me

This new book contains all my wisdom about transitioning from a decades-long ‘We’ relationship into the completely opposite paradigm: ‘Me’. It contains essays on topics ranging from the demise of the relationship, to handling finances as a single mom, to co-parenting with your former spouse, to dating as a single woman, to finding a way to love yourself and accept your present life circumstance. I have had the incredible benefit of amazing teachers who helped me along this journey, and I am delighted to share my wisdom with you!

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“Kerri’s honesty, depth, and clarity shine through everything she writes. Her newest book, From We to Me, is a beautiful guide to the challenges of creating closure and healing in intimate relationships. Whether you are navigating through a difficult divorce, seeking support in healing from the end of a relationship, or looking for tools to be a more present, loving partner in your current relationship, Kerri’s compassionate voice will soothe and bring your heart and mind peace.” ― HeatherAsh Amara, author of Warrior Goddess Training

This is in my top 5 list of favorite books this year ~ The insight, the tools and the teachings helped me to clear away old energy from my divorce and emerge into a life that is more guided and focused on “Me”.”  ― Mary Adams, founder of Empower Your Life Today and Co-Creator Radio Network

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Awakening To Me: One Woman’s Journey To Self Love

Category Winner in the 2014 The Independent Spiritual Book Awards competition, Self-Help Category Winner in the 2015 NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards, and Spirituality Category Winner in the 2015 National Indie Excellence Awards!
Very excited to have won TISBA Best in Category for Memoirs, Pinnacle Best in Category for Self-Help, and National Indie Excellence Awards Winner in Category for Spirituality. More information about The Independent Spiritual Book Awards competition is here.

Awakening To Me is a story of personal metamorphosis, written over the course of several years in real time as life unfolded and lessons were learned. It is a work of naked truth about Kerri Hummingbird’s struggles with borderline personality disorder, recovering from divorce after a 20 year marriage, and seeking love from outside herself. The story documents how alternative healing methods (shamanic energy medicine and reiki) and mindfulness practices (Yoga and Toltec wisdom) led to an amazing transformation that arguably negates the former psychological diagnosis. Kerri shares her story so that others may witness that with dedication, faith, and a willingness to shine a light into the shadows, challenges can be overcome and lasting inner peace and self-love can be cultivated. Let Kerri’s story and her heartfelt recommendations for self-help inspire you to begin your own journey of healing.

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“Kerri’s raw courage and vulnerable transparency blaze a trail for any woman on a healing journey. Awakening to Me is a magnificent book that takes us behind the scenes of transformation, and shows how even the most difficult situations can be the fodder for finding oneself. Let Kerri’s book guide you to find your independence and self-love.”
— HeatherAsh Amara, author of The Toltec Path of Transformation and Warrior Goddess Training

“In Awakening To Me, Kerri shares her intimate and difficult personal and spiritual journey to identify and express her authentic being into the world. Her story is engaging, sometimes disturbing, yet with a clear underlying thread of compassion for herself and others also engaged in their own struggle with borderline personality disorder. In her words, she seeks to give voice to those who have no voice. Her life voyage takes her through light and darkness, to amazing heights and agonizing lows. In her world travels she meets with some of the teachers who have helped shape the views of spiritual development for a generation. Each has something to share with her that may shed light upon your own path, as well.
It has been my pleasure and honor to walk with Kerri through some of her journey. I heartily recommend this book to you as a tool for your own amazing self-exploration. Among these pages you will find a courageous and dedicated explorer of life and spirit.”
— Gerry Starnes, M.Ed, author of Spirit Paths: The Quest for Authenticity

“This powerful book intensely and beautifully expresses the internal world of someone with Borderline Personality Disorder.  The author takes us on a tour of her internal emotional world: the depths of despair, the emptiness, and frantic efforts to find love.  Ms. Hummingbird takes us with her on the journey toward internal independence and core stability – what works and what doesn’t.

From her personal work she provides suggestions, exercises and quotes.  This book will be of profound use to anyone with this diagnosis, their family members, therapists and allies.  In fact, I’d also recommend it for those diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or who have symptoms of Bipolar Disorder.

But, in truth, we can all benefit from reading this book.  Awakening to Me is an invitation to self-honesty, persistence in seeking meaningful help, and the long work of sustained effort.

This book is well written and well organized but it is the author’s honesty and insight that makes it powerful.  Her emotions and thoughts, the related beliefs are clearly described.  These are in turn related to events in Ms. Hummingbird’s history, into present relationships and dynamics in a manner that doesn’t lose the reader in her internal world.  Instead, we understand ourselves better, our friends and family members.  We understand better what it means to be human.”
— Category Judge, Indie Spiritual Book Awards 2014


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