Book Talk: Awakening to Me

transformAwakening To Me is a story of personal metamorphosis, written over the course of several years in real time as life unfolded and lessons were learned.It is the Best in Category winner for The Indie Spiritual Book Awards 2014.

In this 1 1/2hr talk, Kerri talks about how alternative healing methods (shamanic energy medicine and reiki) and mindfulness practices (Yoga and Toltec wisdom), led to an amazing personal transformation. She transparently discusses her struggles with borderline personality disorder, recovering from divorce after a 20 year marriage, and seeking love from outside herself. She describes her spiritual journey, the incredible transformations from shamanic energy medicine, and what she has learned about healing wounds in the human psyche.

awakeningtome-ebookcover2sm“This book is the brave and honest report of the journey to self. She deals with the difficult issues of deep emotional pain, shame and self-doubt. For those who suffer this world of an unstable sense of self, for those with PTSD symptoms, this is your book, your companion and guide to profound, deep change, to coming home to self.”  — reviewer

Awakening to Me is an invitation to self-honesty, persistence in seeking meaningful help, and the long work of sustained effort. This book is well written and well organized but it is the author’s honesty and insight that makes it powerful.  Her emotions and thoughts, the related beliefs are clearly described.  These are in turn related to events in Ms. Lawnsby’s history, into present relationships and dynamics in a manner that doesn’t lose the reader in her internal world.  Instead, we understand ourselves better, our friends and family members.  We understand better what it means to be human.” The Indie Spiritual Book Awards 2014, Category Judge

If you would like to schedule a book signing with Kerri Hummingbird, please contact kerri.hummingbird(at)gmail(dot).com.

November 30, 7-9pm:  Breaking Free of Mental Illness, Toci, 2499 S. Capital of Texas Hwy, Austin


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