Kerri Hummingbird, Transformation Coach performing shamanic energy healingWelcome! I am a transformation coach and energy medicine practitioner who combines shamanic energy healing with Toltec wisdom. Shamanic energy healing supports radical life shifts by working with the energy or “soul” body. Embracing Toltec practices (the Four Agreements) brings the awareness needed to know what needs to shift and how. I studied shamanic energy healing for two years with the Four Winds Light Body School and received certification in energy medicine in November 2014. I studied Toltec practices under HeatherAsh Amara, protege of Don Miguel Ruiz, since January 2013, and served on the leadership committee for Toci. I studied with the Artist of the Spirit Coaching Program, created by HeatherAsh Amara and Diana Adkins (combined 50+ years of coaching experience!) and received certification in July 2015. I am also certified as a Warrior Goddess Training Facilitator (October 2015). I have applied these ancient practices to my own life, dramatically shifting every aspect of my life story. Working with clients, I combine these ancient practices, along with innate intuitive capabilities (clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance), to help clients navigate the twisting pathways to elevated life experience.

Many people ask if Hummingbird is my ‘real’ last name. I received a vision from Spirit of a beautiful dayglow hummingbird when I was performing a drum meditation to pray that the offer be accepted on my new home. This hummingbird rose up outside the kitchen window of my home, spraying rainbow light and love everywhere behind it.

Hummingbirds make an impossible journey every year from Central America to Canada, somehow surviving this massive trek and finding sources of nourishment for their extremely high metabolisms. The indigenous peoples honor hummingbird for the determination and faith of this tiny bird to accomplish the seemingly impossible migration every year. Hummingbird is also honored for its industrious effort in remembering the locations of all the flowers that have the sweetest nectar, and for spreading abundant joy.

My spirit animal is Hummingbird because I see its nature as a reflection of my own journey, and of the purpose I discovered for myself on the Pachamama (Mother Earth).

I have earned the following certifications:

Please contact me at kerri(dot)hummingbird(at)gmail(dot)com to book a workshop, or schedule a private energy medicine or coaching session.


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